Probably my biggest achiles heel.  I have never cultivated a way to dissipate the emotions that come with it.  For me it tends to be anger, disappointment, sadness, and a complete lack of perspective.  I am very logical by nature and things or people not working the way they should is definitely not a shiny happy moment. I am curious if I can find a viable way to handle and let go of these feelings quickly.  There will always be things that frustrate us, but maybe I can find some way to handle it better.

Right now I have two frustrations that seem to be a constant.  The first being the Father of my child and his ridiculous wife.  She hides during custody exchanges but wants to move into my neighborhood.  She wants to tell the world she is my daughter’s stepmother, but she is afraid of a conversation with the actual Mother.  It’s insane to me.  Then again her friends and family describe her as “simple and nieve”.   My opinion of her is irrelevant.  My concern is my daughter and I would not have someone watch her without having many conversations with them.  I am definitely limiting her contact with someone who hides and can’t hold a teaching job for more than a year in Center City Philly.

The second frustration is iOS10.  I use my phone for everything.  Clients call and text me on one number (you never know who you are dealing with), and everything else on the main number. E-mails need to be sent swiftly and text messages between everyone including my daughter’s teacher are pertinent to everything running smoothly.  Ever since iOS 10 everything likes to freeze often.  Resets, restores, full wipes, turning off new features,nothing has seemed to help the situation. So half my day is spent closing and resetting my phone to do the basic things I need.

So let’s quickly think of ways to better deal and try them.  So with the human frustrations……. maybe…… okay I think that may be setting the bar too high!  So the phone.  Besides replacing, which I am not prepared for yet, I do not see it ending anytime soon.  Plus it’s a good place to start considering different coping techniques. Maybe it’s changing the view?  We all are stuck with our phones to our faces.  Although I attempt to limit phone time when my daughter is around.  Too many children are growing up looking at the back of a cell phone rather than into their parent’s faces.  Maybe I need to take a screen freeze as a reason to put down the phone and walk with water.  As I m trying to increase my water intake and my activity during the day, I use the issue as a reminder to do these things.  I’m going to try that for a month and update this post as to how it is working.

I do think a great many things in our lives that cause us strife are a matter of perspective. As we live or survive our day-to-day we develop tunnel vision and a routine of how to deal with things until we are on auto pilot.  Change the frame, and see if you can change the picture.

If you decide to try something like this, fee free to let me know how it worked for you or even just what the issue was and the new way you were trying to deal with it. I am curious to hear ideas.  Who knows, one could be the right one I never though of!


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