The Scaffolding of Perspective

As demonstrated above,and pretty much our entire lives, we can’t always trust our eyes.  Over time some of us are taught we can’t trust our hearts.  What if everything we know is all wrong, and yet all correct at the same time?

No I have not lost my mind.  I have just been re-exploring it. When I was a child I often wondered fairly strange  questions of an opulent nature.  How do we know what red is?  Are we all actually experiencing colors the same way?  What if what I see as red is what you see when you think blue?  Most of us (except the color blind) learned names for specific things and colors for someone else, but how do we know their perspective ACTUALLY is.  Crazy, I know.  Especially from the girl who once theorized that cars did not move.  The Earth just actually moved giving us the illusion that the car was moving.  Then I realized it was not possible given all the different directions everyone was travelling in.  Then again, I was 6 having these types of thoughts.

Okay, so the point of this post is changing the structure to change the view.  Anyone who has ever delved for a moment into the Secret has heard that the mind can manifest anything.  I have listened to a couple of podcasts as of late (Shameless Mom AcademyTony RobbinsThe Art Of Charm AcademyTED Talks, and Hidden Brain NPR) and there is a reoccurring theme.  Change your view, change your life.  It’s that simple.  If you want to be happy, decide to be happy and focus on it.  You want to be healthier, same thing.  You want more money, you need to add a lot of action to the thought, but same thing.  So is the rise of social media complaining the reason people are so angry these days, or the other way around?  Depends on your view-point, doesn’t it.

If everything is merely a matter of mind over matter, does that mean nothing bad can or will ever happen if we concentrate?  NOPE, means you need to learn to change the view-point.  When I was young I wanted to be a therapist and ensured my participation in anything that brought that goal further into reach.  Then I realized I have short patience for those who refuse to help themselves.  I decided this knowledge meant I could not longer help people.  I was wrong.  I help people every day both in my professional and private life.  I am always the one with a solution.  You may not like the solutions, but I generally can figure them out or point you in the right direction.

If I look down at my scaffolding, I think I have been wondering lost for decades. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the configuration other than need to survive.  However if I stand on the ground and look up at the scaffolding of my life, I can see I have built a great foundation for both my daughter and I to be able to accomplish anything.  I may not be the most attractive, or have the most money, biggest house or best car.  I have things MUCH more important.I have friends and family that love us and are willing to put up with my crazy.  (We have it, admit it, own it, and try to control it!)  We have options on how we choose to view everything and anything.

It takes practice and for me it’s best to start with little things.  Work has been slow, so not many customers have been making purchases close to the holidays.  I could be angry or sad about it.  I CHOOSE to look at it as I have a chance to write a blog, assist a dear friend with his website and business, and catch up with some of my previous guests.  My daughter has been having some issues at school. Again, I can get angry, or I can use it as a way to open up conversations and build our trust and understanding.  I do not believe children do things just because.  Generally there is a thought or a feeling that is stuck.  Sometimes if you can take a moment to find out what it is, you can dislodge it and things get better.  I very much dislike yelling or punishing my daughter.  I will when I have to, but luckily we trust each other enough that there can be more conversation than punishment.

flipped-viewMy Grandfather showed me this picture when I was a child and I never forgot it.  I am glad I was able to find it.  I think I am going to put it on my wall at work and on my front door as a daily reminder to stand on my head more often.  Not literally of course. I think we all get stuck in a thinking rut and we forget to turn things upside down to try to see a completely different perspective. We get so busy we do not stop and really look. We miss the forest, the trees,the animals, and the flowers.  Although when asked we all say we know the forest and what’s in it, but how often are we really looking at it from another perspective?  How often do we intently search for the good or even great in any situation?  Long holiday lines and cranky people, but did you notice the teenager who took a moment to help someone elderly to sit down while in line?  Or did you notice that the ceiling tile has a stain that looks just like the banana seat bike you had as a child?  Did you notice the person in front of you was $3.00 short for the only present they are able to get for someone they love?  Did you notice enough to be in the REAL spirit of the Holidays and give them the $3.00?  For that one moment of kindness would not only have touched the person you are helping, not just the recipient of the gift, not just the cashier, but everyone taking a moment to actually look for the joy and happiness.  Finding the small and simple joy and bright spot in everything and every situation will help make 2017 an AMAZING year.

I am changing the perspective of my scaffolding, how about you?



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