Is There Anyone Who Really Enjoys This Part?

No matter what the holiday or reason, is there anyone who really enjoys wrapping presents? I see all these how to make it cute, how to continue without tape, how to make it special… REALLY?  Who has time for all of that.

This is the first Christmas in 6 yrs my daughter is not home. As I look at what seems like a never ending pile, I just feel defeated.  Armed with my paper cutter, rolls of paper, tape, and a fresh bottle of Cab, it still seems like a crazy waste of time.  It will take the children 2.5 seconds to remove it all and turn it into a heap of garbage to be thrown out.  Do they even notice or care the mind numbing task it was to make it all look this pretty?

We all have dreams of making a special gift for our child and loved one, but hours of wrapping?  Really?  For those of you with large families, my heart bleeds for you.  I have one child and 3 nieces at this point and it’s daunting to look at the mess I must create to ensure that Santa has completed his task and rewarded the children for being children.

Christmas afternoon for my family will be met with a fury of paper without a single concern for who spent the time to meticulously cover each item with a beautiful cover to conceal the prize inside.  However, lets face it, we can’t stop smiling as the little gremlins tear through our finely crafted coverings to reveal their prizes.  The room fills with discarded paper we finely trimmed to perfection for the sheer surprise on their faces as every rip reveals a piece of the long awaited gift they asked for.  The prize for being good at the end of the year at school, the prize fore being a child.  The joy and excitement that builds from every tear of that paper we begrudgingly and carefully placed around each oddly shaped item.

The joy on a child’s face.  The pure and simplicity of it.  That is why we parents and other family members break out the libations, paper cutters, and tape to painstakingly craft the perfect covering.  The 2.5 seconds of  anticipation until the hidden item is fully revealed.  That is the goal, that is the joy, that is why we stay up until all hours of the night toiling away while they sleep.  Although this is the first Christmas Eve without JJ and I miss her deeply, I am finding the joy in a great glass of wine and the anticipation of her joy tomorrow when she comes home.

So why do we do it?  The same answer for all the things we do once we become a true parent… for their smiles.


Happy Holidays to all my Curious Shiny Happy People


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