On the Cusp of 2017

Today is 12/30/2016 and everyone seems to either be thrilled about the future, or feeling quite down.  There are 2 parts of the year that have always created a sense of hope in me, New Year’s and my birthday.  Both are new beginnings of sorts.  For me they are close together, but offer different forms of rebirth.

We all need a rebirth at different times for different reasons.  Whether it’s a full on metamorphosis or just a realization that we have wandered off the  path we wish to be on.  We all make choices as to who we will be.  Either by consciously choosing, or not paying attention. Both are choices.  Depending on the type of person you are, you will see the wayward path sooner or later, but we all see it.

So the people who choose the “woe is me”, or “life is horrible because…”, knock it off. Life is what you make of it. Half empty, half full, or always refillable.  You have the ability to choose.  Why be miserable? Unhappy things are always going to be there. Just like happy things are always going to be there.  The BEAUTIFUL thing is you get to choose your focus.  Why are so many choosing to focus on the sad, ugly, or just angry?  When did that become the “cool” thing?  Also, at what point are you going to take ownership in your part of it?

Rebirth or reevaluation of the situation you are in based on how you feel.  Not how you are supposed to feel, not on how much stuff or status you have, but how you feel when you are alone for 5 minutes in the bathroom.  When you are looking yourself in the mirror and examining your grey hair, or the new lines you haven’t notices, or the bags under your eyes.  When you have 5 minutes to really look at yourself in the mirror and see you… the you that is.  Are you who you want to be, who you thought you would be, who you think you should be, but most importantly are you happy with the REAL you?

If the answer is yes, fabulous and keep going with pride.  If the answer is no, why?  Why are you not happy and what are you going to do to fix it?  A spouse, children, or job cannot fix it or feel that void. Can you even discern what the void is?

We are taught that material things, people around us, and kids will fulfill our lives and make us truly happy.  LIES!!! LIES!!! LIES!!!! We are the only ones that can make us feel whole.  We are the only ones responsible to make ourselves happy.  We are the only ones that can make us whole.  Nothing else will ever do it.  And we hurt everyone and everything around us until we learn that fact.

Cusp of 2017.  For me it means focusing more on me and not helping the idiots in my life.  I cannot help the ignorant and I am no longer willing to try.  I choose to no longer help those who wish to wallow.  Get over whatever garbage it is that is making you sad or angry and move forward, or don’t… but stop expecting me to feed into the ridiculous. Control your controllables, and honey, the only thing you truly have control over is yourself.  Not your children really, not your spouse, not the good or bad things that come, not your relatives, not your friends or coworkers.  Control your controllables and let the rest roll off your back.

Tomorrow is the end of 2016 and for me a march towards getting back to me.  This is going to be an interesting year with many ups and downs.  I am choosing to spend it with an old friend and quite frankly anyone who eventually chooses to join us.  We have yet to even decide where we will be or what basic plan.  So for the beginning of my year of YES, it’s going to be left up to chance.  One of my many changed will be the need to plan.  Let’s see what happens, but I will definitely be concentrating on all the positive things.  After all, it’s all about The Scaffolding of Perspective.  Ultimately your choice for you, and mine for me!!!


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