Here We Go Into 2017, My Year of Yes and Not My Zoo!

Last night I rang in this wonderful New Year with an old friend in Center City Philly.  We had time to catch up, compare stories, and relax as we sipped cocktails and enjoyed great food before partaking in the festivities at midnight.  It was a wonderful way to start the year of YES.  Normally I would just go to a friend’s house or have them over.  This was also my first year in 6 my daughter was not with me.  She was with BA and KK in the Poconos with KK’s family and friends.  She seemed to have an enjoyable time for the New Year, but the morning was a bit more of an issue.

Apparently KK decided it was a brilliant idea to play dress up with my daughter and put her in a short sleeve shirt.  So I received a call from an upset 6yr old asking me to explain to the adults around her that she needed a sleeved outfit for the cold weather in the mountains.  OH BOY!!!!!   So I sent a text and apparently BA was so angry at me that his wife had to put him in time out.  Can I please deal with some grown ups.  Then my daughter asked if could have extra time to play with the puppy, BA decided to drop her off early. And my favorite part was watching him drive past my house so he could find a hiding place for KK during the custody exchange.  I laughed and texted how much easier it would be for everyone if that wasn’t necessary.  Then I laughed as I went to run my errands and he tried not to show where he hid her.  Then I just texted the word PATHETIC, because they are.  LOL, not my zoo to deal with and I have decided to just laugh at the stupid drama.  Such a sad couple of humans. So the year begins…

live-lifeMy daughter and I are starting a gratitude journal.  There are so many things for all of us to be grateful for.  I think it’s important with as crazy as everything has been (and based on today will continue to be) that I create a way for us to concentrate on all the great things.  I told her at the end of the year we will read through it for New Years since she will be home.  I do not want her growing up in the negative group that seems to be so prevalent these days.  Why be miserable when there is so much to be happy for?  Should be interesting to see how that works.

The smoking things has been a back and forth.  I need to buckle down on it if I am ever going to quit.  There is really nothing of value to it, but I have yet to really pin point why I will choose to have one when the opportunity presents itself.  Even as I write this I want one… but I have no idea the actual reason why.  Again, the vape gives the nicotine and the muscle memory…. so why.  Have to figure that out.

dont-resistSo my year of yeas and not my Zoo has begun with a bang and a laugh.  I am very curious to see exactly where this journey leads me.  Not going to help BA be the father I know he can be.  He has proven himself to be exactly like his mother.  I am not going to try to make KK feel comfortable or show her the truth, let her turn into a quivering pile of snot because of ignorance over fact.  I am not going to try to counteract the stupidity around me.  I am not going to worry about being the overly responsible parent.  I am allowed to have fun and explore the world as a person and not just as a mother.  Other people’s thoughts and opinions are no longer a matter of concern.  They are not my monkeys, and therefore not my Zoo.

What are you no longer going to do?  More importantly what are you going to do more of for yourself in 2017?


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