How I Chose the Law Offices Of Gordon S. Brown

Choosing an attorney, especially a Family Law Attorney, can be scary and difficult.  Who is going to do the best job representing me?  Which one should I trust with my child’s and my future?  How much is it going to cost and can I afford it? The questions are both daunting and VERY important.

So I set out like most people and asked the people around me and posted a cry for help on Facebook to reach the largest audience.  I scoured Google and any place I could find for information on someone who would help me during a crazy, scary, and difficult time that many of us go through.

I spoke to a couple of attorney’s and they were empathetic, seemingly caring, but expensive and lost their empathy when I began asking about payment plans or accommodations.  Definitely not a good sign.  We all deserve to be paid for our hard work and time, I’m sure many of these attorney’s had been stiffed by too many people, but to lose that supposed caring tone so quickly with someone trying to figure out how to deal with a horrific time in their life is just unconscionable.  That’s coming from a car sales person who used to work in Center City Philly.  So it’s not like I haven’t been somewhat in their shoes.

Most took a day or two to get back to me, usually during the 9-5 hours, to be expected.  A couple gave me a little bit of advice although they knew I could not afford them and I was appreciative.  AND THEN….. I found my light at the end of the tunnel.

gordon-s-brown Sometimes you see a picture of someone and it makes you tense.  If this picture makes you tense there may be issues.  There is nothing terribly amazing about this picture, but there are many wonderful qualities about the person in it.

Yes it sounds corny, but hang in there and it will all make sense shortly.  First his website explains that he does not require a retainer (most are $1500-$4000), he does not charge an hourly rate, most attorney’s touted free initial consult which was generally them deciding if I was worth their time, and an affordable flat rate.

Okay, sounds good, nothing is ever that good.  There has to be a catch, no one does this.  He must have something hidden or issues or something. However, look at the picture.  This is not some young kid just starting out.  So I called.  He called me back… AT 7:40 on a week night, and apologized for not getting back to me sooner.  It was the same day and about an hour after I called.  That’s not normal, but it is AWESOME!!!  Okay, still trying to find the catch.  After speaking with him for about an hour (remember this is WAY after business hours) he has given me a lot of information, listened to my concerns and invites me into his office.  With my crazy schedule, Sunday was the only day I could….. and he said, “fine, no problem”.  Wait, what, really?  Yep definitely a major catch somewhere coming, has to be right?

We meet on Sunday and we speak for a few hours going over my case.  At the end he tells me the fee and that we can work out a payment plan that works with my crazy pay plan.  IT’S AFFORDABLE, HE’S WILLING TO WORK OUT THE PAYMENTS WITH ME…the only catch yet would be that he is not very good.  There is always a catch, right.

NOPE, he is AMAZING at what he does.  He has been able to stay calm, and more importantly keep me calm with the crazy antics of my ex.  He has encouraged solutions that kept us out of court, he has ready every e-mail or text message I have ever sent, and there have been hundreds.  I even sent hundreds of case law e-mails and he read every one of those.  He has always taken what is best for my daughter as the priority, he always says,”it’s not about what the parents want, it’s about what’s best for the kids”.  After 2 years on this case he continues to take my (and other clients’) calls at all hours or the day and night.  Everything is responded to in a timely manner with both care and firm explanation.  His seems to know everyone in law community and everyone smiles when they see him.  When you watch other attorney’s, many seem to be scouling or snickering behind most others as they walk by.  Not Gordon S. Brown ESQ.  Everyone seems to love him.  Let’s face it, you especially want the judges and masters who hold your fate in their hands to like your attorney.

So why I am I writing this extensive glowing review?  In hopes in helps someone else.  Going through a divorce, custody, support case, or any Family Law situation, there are a lot of emotions and crazy moments and real fears.  So many things can go wrong, especially if choosing the wrong attorney.  So if I can help even one person find the help and care I received going through this, I want to.  I saw what my ex, who is now on his second attorney, has gone through and spent and it’s crazy.  It’s crazy how his first attorney tried to drag us into court every 5 minutes, wasted many hours on useless court orders, and at the end of the day accomplished nothing.

Very important point, he doesn’t care if you are male, female, straight or LGBT… he cares about the kids being safe, happy, and well cared for.  He cares about getting people through these rough times with care and compassion.




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