Anger, Fear, and Hate?!?!?!?

I don’t generally watch the news these days.  Always seems to be so agenda driven,and the agenda is just to put something out there and it does not have to be the whole story either.  Yes this blog is supposed to be about me, but the garbage going on in our country is also about me, a citizen.


How on this planet at this stage in human history can we think fear and hate are the right answers?  How can we hate so easily and freely while believing we are virtuous people.  Real news you can believe:  You cannot hate another human being without being a horrific person unless they have personally harmed you or a loved one. It’s insane on any level, but especially on a national level.

I understand trying to protect the country, but people coming into the U.S. through proper and legal channels should be allowed in once they have passed all their clearances. Trump has essentially done the worst thing possible and created a religious issue. More people have been killed over religion than any other reason in history. The irony is religions in general preach peace and love thy neighbor.  What are we doing?

Let’s take it off the national level and bring it closer to home.  BA and KK have made it abundantly clear to my daughter they hate me.  It’s sad because I have told her I could never hate her father because he is half of her and to hate him is to hate part of her.  I did not know these two simpletons would not understand that. So a Father and a School Teacher are essentially teaching my daughter to hate part of herself because they don’t get it and hate is easier than understanding. And isn’t that what the real issue is these days?

Hate has become an infectious disease that is spreading through everything and everyone it seems.  Hate is the new Rights Movement.  It has been okay to hate for the sake of hating without any provocation that matters.  It has become cool to hate because then we are being assertive and not a victim or someone who can be walked on.  The hate is fueled by anger that in some cases started out legitimate, but has become a rage of hate for anyone who is different.  And it’s not just difference of race, creed, religion or sexual orientation,it’s far worse than that.  It’s hate because you do not think like I do, therefore I have to hate you… when really it’s I fear you.

Isn’t that what it all boils down to at it’s base?  Fear, being afraid, wanting to be feared out the fear someone will take advantage of us?  In some cases it’s a fear of change.  WHY?  Fear is not a reason to hate to be angry.  Fear helps us grow, learn, experience, and stay safe… when we use it correctly. Fear is not there to justify our wrong doings (except in immediate self defense).  Fear does not bring entitlement and should never bring praise.  Hate and anger does not make you strong or smart, not the way they are used these days.

I am not saying people are never going to make us angry and we do not deserve to be angry.  I am not saying there are not things to be fearful of.  However do you know the only real and true way to be stronger, smarter, and truly better?  KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATION, and COMPASSION.  Learn about the people you fear, most of the time you will find more commonalities than differences.  Learn about what is triggering your hate, you will understand yourself more and begin to find peace within. Learn about the subject that angers you and you may find enlightenment from another view point of the same situation.

We are all different.  We are all taught different things through many mediums.  One of the best teachers I have ever found is debating my view point with someone with equal passions of their own who can articulate their reasons. That’s the key, articulation in discussions both with self and others, and respect.  I don’t have to believe as you do or see the world as you do to respect you.  I just have to respect myself enough to respect the world around me.  We have lost our respect, ability to debate, to learn, and to be humans.  We are becoming savage animals very quickly because we refuse to respect ourselves enough to learn about the people who are not like us.

Shame on you for your hate, ignorant anger, and your senseless fear of your fellow man.




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