It’s Amazing What Happens When The Whole Story Is Revealed

I am still ruminating over the session yesterday.  KK’s reactions to hearing some of the things BA has been doing and hiding from her were a bit dramatic, but also satisfying to know she understands how bad these things are.  It was one thing when BA was just creating chaos, but the way he has been hurting our daughter has to stop.  Maybe now it will.

Although I still find it ridiculous that things have been the way they have been, I am hopeful that we can all fix this and create a harmonious environment.  I don’t need to be friends with these people, I just need the dramatic and unnecessary garbage to end for my daughter’s sake.

I do feel bad that KK has had so many bad things happen recently, and now she is finding out about things that have been hidden from her.  I know she was very upset that she received the subpoena and now has to go to the support hearing as well.  I am sure BA never told her that I had planned on bringing her in for every court date from here on out.  It’s been surprising to me that she has never been there anyways.  When you are with someone you support them and try to assist them where you can.  She has hidden from it all.

KK said she was going to therapy as well.  I think that’s good and she may need it, we all do at different points.  However I think it will eventually lead to her leaving BA.  Honestly that is the last thing I want.  He cannot be alone and I know KK would never, actually doesn’t have it in her to hurt him which is good for my daughter.  I know she ultimately has a good, although naive heart and really just wants the white picket fence life.  Unfortunately she will never have that with BA because of who he is and how broken he still is.

So the 30 minute conversation laid the groundwork for the 4 hour session that will be happening in April.  BA tried to argue that he has no funds for that since he has been unemployed since 1-13-17,but KK kept telling him that they will get the money.  He always says he has no money, even when he does.  Stop changing things in your 2 cars and handle your life and you will have money.

Thursday’s court hearing will be interesting to say the least.


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