The Secret, Positive Thinking, Being Your Authentic Self

As I have stated before I have been listening to quite a few podcasts, and I have also been listening to free audio books.  Certain things seem to be a re-occurring theme.  Your brain controls the world.  My concern is the number of negative brains currently putting those thoughts out into the world.  Can our positive thoughts really counteract all of that?

I think the answer is yes.  Whether you think it’s the Secret, or being Authentic, our personal thoughts influence more than just our little circle.  The other day I was have a particularly positive brain day. I decided to stop by Marshall’s for a minute, I don’t even remember what I was going for.  As I was walking up a woman was coming toward me with a cart full of bargains she had secured.  In this cart were a few paintings that were acting as a sail for this cart as she earnestly and with great determination headed towards her car.  I grabbed the other end of the cart and guided them both towards her car.  She happened to have a VW Tiguan, which I sell.  I showed her a trick with her car and began to leave for my car.  She was surprised that someone would help a stranger and then leave.  Have we really become so jaded that this seems like a miracle?  She was thankful and offered me money and I declined.

I bet you that same woman within the next 48 hours did something kind to help someone just because someone helped her without expectation.  A couple of days later a nice man in the Giant parking lot stopped me to alert me that one of my headlights were out.  Turned out that it was the daytime running lights that turn off so my blinker can be better seen.  However I too found it remarkable that someone would take time out of their day to help me.

When did it become the norm and somehow acceptable to be ignorant to those around us?  To ignore those around us that are in need, even for just the simplest of kindnesses.  I don’t know about you, but it always makes me smile to help someone, especially someone I do not know.

The week of march 20th is pay it forward week at my daughter’s school.  I think between now and then I will try to find something big for us to do. Not necessarily grandiose, but something she will want to emulate.  I have heard about groups like cradles to crayons and there is another one at our church which creates feminine care packages for under privileged girls.  Maybe one of those would be something we could do on an ongoing basis.

I am open to any ideas. Send me your suggestions, please.


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