Sunday for Spring Forward, Always Messes With Many

So many of the people I know get annoyed with the time change.  I don’t get it.  Why be annoyed when it is what it is.  My wonderful day off was spent doing laundry before my daughter came home from KK’s house and then running around trying to find snow boards for the impending snow storm.  Which we were able to find quite easily.

We spent the day talking and playing and laughing. I love these lazy days of just spending time. People who find it necessary to fill a child’s day with stuff miss out on getting to know them.  As a child grows their life and view of the world changes and I choose not to miss any of it.

We cooked dinner together and danced around the house.  Also gathered a few rocks to paint if the storm keeps us all home.  My neighborhood is doing a project where there are rocks, painted in colorful designs, left all over the place to brighten people’s day.  It a wonderful easy and fun thing.  The children seem to really enjoy it and it’s a great stranger brighten your day movement.

We all seem to get s caught up in our crazy lives that it’s nice to just be.  So yes, moving the clocks ahead an hour can annoy some, but it’s also a reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things.  Time is fleeting and we need to take a moment just to enjoy.


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