Time for French Toast Shortages & Crazy Drivers

So as the Northeast prepares for the major storm of the year, French Toast becomes the #1 staple that every grocery store will be running out of. I do not understand the thought process.  Being a born and raised Floridian and dealing with hurricanes,  storm readiness was never breakfast foods.  Please understand there is a HUGE difference in the issues caused by both.  The biggest being that I can guarantee you that WAWA will be open during the storm.  Hurricaine, if you don’t get it before it hits, you are SOL.

The second overall fun of a snow storm will be the steady stream of 4×4, AWD, and vehicles of the like sliding off of roads and hurting those of us who actually know how to drive.  Any form of AWD system will not protect you from accidents if you are driving like a moron.  If you are in a pickup truck, there is no weight in the bed of that truck, you have no real traction, stop acting like you are king of the road before you make us all painst splatters.

Those of your with Automatic headlights….. YOU STILL NEED TO TURN THEM ON DURING THE DAY IF IT RAINS OR SNOWS.  I hate all of you who do not understand that 99% of auto headlights are not tied to your windshield wipers and no one can see you.  I will high beam you, I will get in front of you and turn off my lights, and I will hope you slide off the road and get out of the way for those who can be seen.

Now for the fun.  My daughter and I have a house stocked full of baking supplies and science experiments to keep us busy and entertained.  We went out yesterday and picked up a snowball maker and 2 sleds before they were all gone.  I went out before she came home and picked up a supply of “Mommy Juice” to keep me warm.

Right now we are packing the car lots with cars.  What that means is we are squishing them all together so we can plow around them.  Then when we come back to work we just drive them out and clean them off to send the plow to cleanup where they are. One of the major benefits to being back at VW is we can drive ALL of the cars out of snow.  When I was with Mazda, Hyundai, and Ford,  if they were not awd of some sort, you were digging it out only.  Poor balance made for bad traction.

What are your plans for the fun snow day?


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