It Was a Magical Snow Day!

For many a snow day can be a daunting day. What to do with the kids?  How to keep them occupied?  What if I have to go to work?  How will it all work out.

As a born and raised Floridian, we had air condition days, not snow days.  As an adult in the northeast, snow days have always been magical.  Ever taken a moment to just walk in the snow and feel it?  Ever just lived in the moment to feel like you are the only people in the snow globe?  I do, every snow fall.  Like it, hate it, it’s always magical.  The snow falling, especially in the evening just makes you feel 100% alone in silence.  You can walk on streets usually filled with crazy drivers eager to get to their destinations.  You hear almost nothing as if the world has fallen silent for a moment.  It’s a magical calmness that allows a moment of being completely in the moment.  At least for those willing to partake in the complete isolation.

When you have a child it becomes a little different as you teach them how to feel through the situation.  We are a planet filled with people both good  and bad.  However when there is a big snow day, there is a rare opportunity to be completely isolated.  So few embrace the chance, and they are missing out.

So as my daughter and I slept, the white stuff began to cover the ground.  We knew the night before that school would not be happening. I did not know until last minute that I would not have to go into work, but I was hopeful.

When I was told to wait, by heart flew.  A free day of fun with my daughter.  We had baking, and science projects, and sledding to do. More importantly we had adventures to find.  She played in the circle because her friend still slept as we sat in awe of nature.  We ate Pizza, and  a calzone in between sledding and cleaning off cars with our neighbors.  We baked cookies as we warmed up, and went to the school to meet up with friends and fly down huge slopes.  We  created an amazing Butternut quash and chicken soup before we braved the local hill just a few time before sunset.  However, most importantly we talked to each other and laughed.  We laughed at the crazy person unable to drive her car correctly.  We laughed a how quickly she flew down hills and at time tumbled down the sloped.  We helped neighbors dig out and workers organize cars for plowing.

Snow days are magical and filled with amazing opportunities.  Most importantly they remind us to laugh and live in the moment.  Our lives, especially as adults are crazy.  Snow days remind us to slow down and experience the moment and breathe the stillness.  You can keep the air conditioner days of playing on the beach.  Give me a blizzard to remind me to notice the little things.  We all need to be reminded and most importantly, we all need the silence it provides.


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