Are Facebook And Linkedin The New Dating Websites?

I have noticed a very interesting and strange trend lately, guys chatting me up on networking sites.  It started out on LinkedIn with a couple of guys just chatting more than the standard Happy Birthday from my extensive contact list.  Now I have had a few friend me on Facebook and begin doing the same thing.  One seems very interesting and we are waiting for our schedules to match up so we can meet.

When did these sites become dating central?  Am I the only one noticing this?  I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing.   When you think about it, both are a bit more comprehensive about background, connections, and each person’s life.  Well, not mine as much as you would think.  I have many things I post only to close friends and few that I post publicly.  I like attention, but the world doesn’t need to know every crazy thought in my head.  That is what I have this Blog for and close friends.

So if we are now using networking websites, and sites to keep in touch with our friends to meet our next person of interest, should I be more or less selective on who I allow to connect with me in LinkedIn vs connecting with many all over the world for networking purposes?  Should I investigate more when someone attempts to connect on Facebook instead of saying I have no connection with this person, delete?  Is it safer or more dangerous than normal online dating?  How is this going to change the etiquette of both?

I don’t think I have any reason to be more diligent (okay, crazy FBI, CIA, NSA style) about checking out would be suitors than I already am.  Considering the fact that I hide my address, but not so much my place of employment, and I always ensure people have a way to track me when I meet up with someone in person.  I always meet at a public place and always ensure I stay in contact with someone regularly.  That way if I don’t text in an hour and they can’t reach me they can sound the alarm. I can’t hide where I work because I am in sales and every customer counts.

I can promise I won’t be contacting someone on either site for romantic reasons.  I am an independant woman, but I still believe men should make the first move.  For now I will keep an open mind and see what happens.  I was just also curious if anyone else was experiencing this uptick in contact from these two sites.

Let me know and stay warm if you are in the Northeast.



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