The Cast of Characters We All Work With Everyday

We all have them.  They are always there and will always be there.  The ensemble may have varying faces and names, but you generally find commonalities in all work places.  If you take a moment to sit back and look at them, it’s pretty fun to watch.

The Boss’ are generally the most consistent.  You have the strict one that everyone generally stays away from.  She/He is not a bad person, just a bit gruff or moody.  Generally feels like extra work just to get the answer to something.  Then there is the pushover.  She/He is the one that gives you everything you need or want and sometimes a little more.  Sometimes fun, but usually the go to for ease.

Then there are the co-workers.  None of hem are bosses, but you usually have one person who likes to believe they are.  They speak to everyone like they are beneath them. They act as if they are the gift to the job and everyone should bow before them.  Ironically they are usually the ones with the lowest self esteem and skill.  not your bossThey wine the most and receive the most favors.  Maybe because they have been there forever, or maybe because they have some entertaining value, but never because of real skill.  The one I personally deal with is so starved for attention he has made the art of dichotomy a life long study.   Covered in tattoos, but a tiny dog.  Overly expensive Louis Vuitton belt, with what looks like elf shoes.  In all fairness they are Clarks which are crazy comfortable, but still.  Not a bad guy, but likes to try to command people like he is a boss until one of the boss’ back him down.


You have the co-workers that are fun to joke around with or chat about kids and life.  They are also good people and you try to help them out, and they generally return the favor.  You have a couple of older people they may only want to discuss politics or be grumpy, we all just humor them.  Sometimes they seem a little over gruff, but nothing major.  Just don’t get sucked into the vortex of angry injustice of their minds.

Then you have the ones you want to kill.  Not in a figurative way either.  They are loud, or smelly, or crass. In my case he is the loudest chewer I have ever met and he thinks it’s funny that it annoys me. Kevin Now I know I have issues with my ears and it’s mostly me, but when I ca hear you not only across 3 desks, or around a wall, but 12 feet further than that, there is an issue. When you are asked repeatedly to close your mouth, or people (not just me) become visually and noticeably irritated while you are eating, there is an issue.  If you make the same stupid joke every day to people for 6 months, you have an issue.  If you walk into work and you can feel that no one wants to be near you, there is an issue with you and not them.

Finally, there are the fun people who you just click with.  You can gossip and vent to them, they help you questions both inside and outside of work life.  You can go to lunch and enjoy laughter and a good meal.  We all have the characters that make up our work life.  Let’s face it, our jobs here in America are generally our second homes.  Sometimes we spend more time with these crazy people (ourselves included) then we get to with our own families.  So all these characters are our second families.  And we all know with families we each have our parts to play, but at the end of the day, we stick together… until someone gets fired or quits!!!

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