The Psychosomatic Truth of Life

So I have previously written about The Secret, Positive Thinking, Being Your Authentic Self, and The Scaffolding of Perspective.  I really do believe in these things and remember as a child truly believing in them more than I do now.  Mostly because over the years we tend to get lazy with the lessons we learn and forget to put them into practice.  Think back on chemistry and algebra until you remember you too will have to help your children in school.

I learned these lessons, actually they hit home when I heard the quote, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” -Roosevelt.  It was so profound to me that I went from thinking the world hated me to thinking that every day was amazing and just having fun.  No longer was a pre-teen worried about what anyone may be thinking about me or how they may view me.  WHo cares?  If they don’t like me, others will and it’s their loss.  That thought took me far in life and I have lost it in recent years.

One of the big reasons I have lot it is because I have been putting up with gaslighting from BA.  I have included a link to a podcast that will help explain it a bit more if you are unfamiliar.  The biggest thing is that someone makes you feel like you are insane or losing your mind by attempting to change your truth in some of the most absurd things.  I refuse to allow that anymore and my first step is to stop trying to defend myself and the truth from the irrational claims of BA, the vulnerable narcissist.  I know I am doing the right things, the professionals around the situation know I am doing the right things, and if all of those things do not prove I am not crazy… there is nothing on the planet that will.  SO I’m done wasting my time and precious brain.

The Psychosomatic Truth of Life is that what we mentally believe and see is what will happen not only in life, but to our bodies.  If we think we are fat or ugly, we will become that.  If we think we are dying from some rare disease that a doctor cannot find, we will in fact create an illness in our bodies to make that a reality.  If we believe e our lives are enough, they will be.  If we believe our families are happy they will be.  If we just use our brains the right way anything is possible.

I was listening to a podcast yesterday and this morning that really reinforced this for me as an adult in a way that has not happened since I hear that quote.  It’s called the Shameless Mom Academy and she had a women on who was old she only had 5yrs to live from an illness that could not be named or identified.  If you have time, I implore you listen to this woman’s AMAZING journey.  She went from being pregnant with a 3rd or 4th child, paralyzed on the floor for 5 hours unexpectedly and then being told by doctors we do not know what is wrong but you only have 5 yrs to get your affairs in order, to 10yrs later being alive and creating a movement in Seattle.  The only reason why… she willed it.  She made the decision that would be around for her children and family and then did it.  It really is an empowering story and I hope everyone listens to it.

I cannot imagine being told I only have 5 yrs to live.  I have no idea what I would do with that information or how I would react. The fact of the matter is, we all only have a finite amount of time on this earth.  It is easy to get caught up in the day to day of life.  To sit back and count all the ways our lives are not the best or could be better.  Concentrate on what is missing, or think about what we could do with more time in our days.  The fact it, we have all the time we want.  Here in America most employees do not use over half of their paid time off.  When we do many of us use it for things like household chores that we have neglected.

WHY?  Life is for the living and meant to be explored and experienced.  My daughter and I have decided to clean out the house of things so we have less cleaning to do.  We have also decided that we are going to buy less things to go into the house and work on taking more trips.  I am working on planning one to see a friend in Indiana.  I have never been there and think ti would be a great adventure.  I only took about 3 of my 5 vacation days last year, I am just as guilty.  However I am going to change that.  Memories of explorations with my daughter are worth more than junk clutter our house or minds.  What could you change to live more of your life instead of just floating and surviving?



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