Weekend Away

A weekend to be away and just be a human being was very odd, but great.  It was just cold enough to need a light jacket, and warm enough to do a lot of walking.  I did not participate in as many things as I would have liked, but the long nap on a Saturday afternoon was worth it!

cabinThere were about 150 of us, and 5 in our cabin. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. Surrounded by great people with amazing stories I realized though the journeys are different, they are all full of hurdles that have made us who we are.  I was also reminded how much life has become fight or flight for me and how I have lost the ability to really see.  It’s like my instincts have become 100% about seeing the problems more than the entirety of the information presented for me.  There was a 2 hour class about Envision You.  During the second part a friend was part of my group and we had picked out pictures that resonated with us.  Knowing her and some of her back story I thought it would be an easy read, but I cannot remember a time when I have been so off the mark.  The other person in our group I was able to be spot on with why she chose the images she did.  Although I am writing this far past the experience, it still upsets me that I was so far off on someone I know.  The only things I can think is that I am now able to see the struggle more than the end game.  It makes me very sad and I have decided to try and fix that in myself.

As you can see in the picture above I participated in archery, and have the bruise as a war wound.  I did far better in the beginning than later in the session.  Unfortunately tends to be a pattern with me.  PaintingAlso did some painting and realized after seeing the picture that I had the biggest moon in the world!!!   Not sure of the meaning behind that, but the experience made me want to get back into painting. My artistry interest tend to vary at different stages in my life.  Everything from painting, to poetry, to short stories, to crafts, but always cooking.

Although there were many things to experience and explore, it was nice that we were able to pick and choose what we participated in and when.  The food was good and interesting as it was geared towards being healthy, until desert the second night.  When they began to roll out the buffet of cakes and goodies the whole room roared with excitement.

My bunkmates were a great group with many stories at the end of the day.  We enjoyed telling and hearing stories from each other and the fact that we could just be people for 3 days.  Not parents, caregivers, employees, bosses, or anything else of our daily lives.  Just people sharing time and enjoying wine.  The second night also included a huge bonfire where many brought instruments and we all sang and laughed by the crackling fire.   Strangers and friends alike, no judgements or shame as we enjoyed each other’s voices as they faded into the late night.

The morning of our departure we all packed our vehicles and then went about enjoying even more activities before the long drive home.  The mountain air, the wild turkeys, the cute (although very young) Australian boys, and our wonderful memories of it all had allowed each of us a moment of respite to refuel for real life.  Although each of us were there for different reasons, and each had different experiences, we all left feeling a bit more like ourselves and centered again.

Sometimes you need to take a break from your world without an agenda or schedule.  Sometimes you need to meet a different group of people from different places to regain your eyes.  As we get ready for summer, kids out of school, balancing work and vacations, we all should try to plan at least one section of time to just be.  Especially if you have children or older adults in your life.  While that vacation to Disney World, or Grand Canyon may be a trip you cannot take often, the trip should be more about spending time just being  than smashing a million things into a short time.  How is it a vacation if you have a to do list while you are there?  Isn’t that the same as a chore list? Enjoy the time away and those you are with, there will always be another list to complete, there won’t always be time to enjoy life.


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