Why Are We Always In A Hurry To Wait?

This has long been a thing in our society, but it now seems to be the only thing. We get up in the morning hurrying the family so everyone can get to their destinations.  Picture the Jetsons opening sequence.  Yes everyone of us has to wait to actually get to our destinations.  Be it because of traffic, or waiting in line at school before the bell rings, or waiting in line at the coffee shop in the morning, etc.  Then we hurry up and wait to get home only to hurry up and complete our tasks so we can wait to go to bed. And repeat.

What is any of it actually accomplishing?  Is hurrying helping us to wait any less or are we doomed to wait no matter what we do?  If we are doomed to wait either way, why hurry to do so?

Now to be honest, I doubt I will ever be able to stop this trend. It’s so deeply ingrained in me I don’t think I know how to live any other way. However I have concern for how this will eventually affect my daughter.  This morning (and a handful of others as of late)  she has woken up and gotten dressed before coming out for morning cuddle as we fully awaken for the day.  This particular morning she also brushed her teeth before I could get breakfast together and ate swiftly in an attempt to hurry up, get to school and wait for it to begin.

After dropping her off I steadily weaved through traffic on my route to work.  The same traffic I have dealt with for a few years now and wound up being super early. So I decided to stop at Target to pick up a couple of clothing items while I WAITED to be at work at the correct time. That took a little longer than expected so I HURRIED up and weaved in and out of traffic to get to work at a viable time.  I came in to work, hurried through my daily list of todo’s for my clients and then waited the rest of the day to meet new clients or for responses to previous clients.

Both my daughter and I spent the day hurrying and waiting, why? Unfortunately we will spend the evening doing the same…. unless I can figure out a way to slow it down.  Is part of it a time management issue?  I guess it could be, but I believe it’s much more a culture thing for us Americans.  You do not see as much of it in our Latin American, many  of the Asian, or Scandinavian counterparts.

So why all the hurry to wait?

Hurry through school so you can get a job.  Hurry through creating an established career so you can have a family.  Hurry the family through a litany of activities so they can be well rounded and involved.  REPEAT through the generations.

Why are we doing this?  What is it actually all for except to hurry up and wait for our death eventually?

I’m going to make a point of trying to alleviate as much of the sense of urgency from my daily life as I can.  I am curious to see how this works!!!♥

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