Many Changes In A Short Time

My Mother’s estate was finalized after three years at the end of June. Still work to be done, but the court part is complete.  Fired in July, which I saw coming and was mentally prepared for.  BA ended his unemployment claim so I have not received child support since the middle of July.  Got a new job that allows better hours to spend time with my daughter, much to BA’s chagrin creating many arguments about changing the weekends.  I applied for and was granted welfare (medical and food stamps), got my unemployment, but still trying desperately to keep my home and pay for summer camp.  Because of the welfare, child support contacted me about BA’s non payment of child support, so now we are going to a conference about it.

My favorite part was child support calling him and miraculously he told me within 48hrs he starts a job the following Tuesday.  In the interim I received word that his wife purchased a house.  However he has no money for child support.  The are going from a 706sq foot apartment to a 3 bedroom house that they will have to furnish as well.  Oh, and he is angry that I know about it.

This weekend I went on another first date with a very nice gentleman.  It was a bit odd for a number of reasons, but good. Really good actually.  He is an adult for once.  Totally the opposite of the garbage of late.  I am very interested to see where it goes.  I also hope I do not screw it up.

So, 2017 the year of me….. not sure how to categorize it so far.  BA is angry and sad still trying to find ways to hate me.  My daughter has no idea how bad everything really is. I am still finding reasons to smile, and I have met a very nice guy while trying not to lose my home.

Stress… what is that?  I know not of what you speak!!  lol  Find the funny, find the joy and keep moving forward.  My plan is to post again in another couple of days.  We’ll see how that goes.

Hopefully things keep moving into a better direction.  Bad things happen.  Life falls apart sometimes.  The trick is to keep going and find the smiles  while appreciating the positive.  Life amazing!


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