Sorry for the absence, a lot has happened. Pt1

Lots of major chances that have removed my time to write as frequently as I should have.  I am very sorry for that.  So this is part one of the catch up.

I went on a couple of dates last year.  One was quite interesting.  I should say the conversation after was interesting.  The date it self was fine, but odd to me.  He was very affectionate kissing me as soon as we met and showing me around his apartment.  Something I never really do, but decided I needed to do something different.  Very nice guy who seemed family oriented.  I just didn’t know that was the most important thing to him.

He took me to an outside bicycle race in a town near us.  We were going to be walking on cobble stones, but I needed to wear my heels… it was first date.  I also knew the forecast stated there could be rain.  So I brought a Burberry purse BA’s father had given as a gift because it fit all the things I needed.  A pair of Keds in case the cobblestone was too much for the espadrilles i chose to wear.  Nothing worse than I whiner on a first date.  A rain coat that sqished down to tiny size since I was wearing a dress that was partially white, my wallet, a little make up and a small brush.  I am not a fan of big purses, this one fit what I needed and matched the ensemble.

We wondered the streets of a college town talking and watching the people.  He attempted to procure us a table outside but we were informed the tables were reserved for the party upstairs who had come inside because of the drizzle.  He was a bit rude to the staff, but I took that as he was trying to have a nice time and felt they were stopping us and let it go.  As we left I looked back and mouthed “I’m sorry” to the staff that had been verbally accosted by his frustration.

We eventually found ourselves at a Mexican restaurant where we could watch the bicyclists.  The table was not ready do he ordered us drinks.  I am not a beer drinker, and I find it rude to order an expensive drink on a first date, so I ordered a glass of Cab.  He ordered a beer and while we were waiting for my drink (Mexican restaurants don’t often have someone ordering wine)  they sat me and he eventually followed with a bit of a grimace.  Again, I chalked it up to the situation and being a first date.

We had a wonderful conversation that eventually led to politics.  I thoroughly enjoyed it as we had opposing views we were able to discuss cordially and seeming with open minds.  I love discussions of opposing views where respect can be given freely for the intelligence of each other’s conflicting ideology.    I have missed conversations like this for so long.

Eventually there was conversations about his 2 ex wives and BA.  Eventually turning into a discussion about my daughter where he asked when he would be able to meet her.  I gave my answer of at least six months and a flash came over his face.  I brushed it off and continued.  All and all he was a very nice guy, seemingly successful and straight forward.

We ended the night with him asking me to spend the night and me explaining that I am not that kind of girl.  Eventually with a little conversation we went our separate ways.  The next couple of days there were a few nice text conversations that eventually trailed off.  On the 4th day I flat out asked if he was just not that interested and he stated that we were not a match. Okay… but I asked why and the list he gave me was… interesting.

I kid you not, these were his reasons:

  1. Purse was too big (I am so not into big bags, but okay)
  2. Ordered Wine (no elaboration)
  3. Could not meet my daughter for 6 months

I thoroughly believe the last one was the real reason.  His second wife seemingly used him to get her and her son a green card.  This man is VERY family oriented, which is great.  He volunteers with kids, donates to help kids, etc.  However I am dating not my daughter.  I thanked him for his candor and told him I wish him the best of lick after explaining the 3 back to him.

He was a really nice guy and I do hope he finds what he is looking for.  Unfortunately I truly believe that no one should introduce anyone to their child before six month.  I will not waver on that one bit.  I sure as hell will not apologize.

So the next catch up will be about the date after this one.  Very interesting the dichotomy as I almost cancelled because of this one, but very glad I went.

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