Expectations, Reality, and Which One You Choose

I just received an e-mail from BA asking (in the most professional manner possible) for a co-parenting session. After over 2yrs of him fighting them, he is asking for one.  However he is asking because "I feel like there are some things that I am missing that you would like me to do, so we … Continue reading Expectations, Reality, and Which One You Choose


Online Dating….. LOL & WTF

Let me start by saying I have never had an issue being single.  I would prefer to be alone than to be with someone because I was afraid to be alone. I deplore people like that.  Also, I have taken over a year off of dating because I needed to reset after my last disaster. … Continue reading Online Dating….. LOL & WTF

On the Cusp of 2017

Today is 12/30/2016 and everyone seems to either be thrilled about the future, or feeling quite down.  There are 2 parts of the year that have always created a sense of hope in me, New Year's and my birthday.  Both are new beginnings of sorts.  For me they are close together, but offer different forms … Continue reading On the Cusp of 2017

The Millions of Conversations that Are Never Spoken…. You Know You’ve Done it to.

Funny thing is they are only conversations with ridiculous and ignorant people. Never the people who matter.

Expanding the Tribe as an Adult

We all have friends and people we consider part of our tribe.  Most we have met in our younger years, a few we have met through work and other people.  However how do you really expand your tribe as an adult, especially if you have moved to a new area or state?  We are now … Continue reading Expanding the Tribe as an Adult

The Scaffolding of Perspective

Pretty much our entire lives, we can't always trust our eyes. Over time some of us are taught we can't trust our hearts. What if everything we know is all wrong, and yet all correct at the same time?

Becoming a Quitter

I began doing a little thinking and then researching (what I do often), and realized I have never addressed the underlying reasons and feelings I have come to associate with a cigarette. The moments doing something I know I should not since I try to always do the things I should. The excuse to stop working or speaking with someone. Growing up with my parents and my Grandmother smoking so it feels like safety.


I do think a great many things in our lives that cause us strife are a matter of perspective. As we live or survive our day-to-day we develop tunnel vision and a routine of how to deal with things until we are on auto pilot. Change the frame, and see if you can change the picture.