Negativity/Complaining Destroys Problem Solving

Studies show that Negativity and/or Constant Complaining destroys the parts of our brains responsible for problem solving.


Why Are We Always In A Hurry To Wait?

Do we ever really gain anything from it?

Because of Those In Our Lives, Past and Present.

Do we even realize what or why we are doing things?

Delusions Of A Vulnerable Narsacist

Long cray story involving one woman's attempt to be fair, and a man who monetizes his daughter and vilifies her mother to feel important.

The Secret, Positive Thinking, Being Your Authentic Self

As I have stated before I have been listening to quite a few podcasts, and I have also been listening to free audio books.  Certain things seem to be a re-occurring theme.  Your brain controls the world.  My concern is the number of negative brains currently putting those thoughts out into the world.  Can our … Continue reading The Secret, Positive Thinking, Being Your Authentic Self

Sorry for being so quiet, but there has been a lot of crazy happening!!!

Craziest month in a bit. Been too busy trying to deal with unnecessary drama.