Because of Those In Our Lives, Past and Present.

Do we even realize what or why we are doing things?


Delusions Of A Vulnerable Narsacist

Long cray story involving one woman's attempt to be fair, and a man who monetizes his daughter and vilifies her mother to feel important.

Sorry for being so quiet, but there has been a lot of crazy happening!!!

Craziest month in a bit. Been too busy trying to deal with unnecessary drama.

Online Dating….. LOL & WTF

Let me start by saying I have never had an issue being single.  I would prefer to be alone than to be with someone because I was afraid to be alone. I deplore people like that.  Also, I have taken over a year off of dating because I needed to reset after my last disaster. … Continue reading Online Dating….. LOL & WTF

Here We Go Into 2017, My Year of Yes and Not My Zoo!

So my year of yeas and not my Zoo has begun with a bang and a laugh. I am very curious to see exactly where this journey leads me.