The Cast of Characters We All Work With Everyday

We all have them.  They are always there and will always be there.  The ensemble may have varying faces and names, but you generally find commonalities in all work places.  If you take a moment to sit back and look at them, it's pretty fun to watch. The Boss' are generally the most consistent.  You … Continue reading The Cast of Characters We All Work With Everyday

Expectations, Reality, and Which One You Choose

I just received an e-mail from BA asking (in the most professional manner possible) for a co-parenting session. After over 2yrs of him fighting them, he is asking for one.  However he is asking because "I feel like there are some things that I am missing that you would like me to do, so we … Continue reading Expectations, Reality, and Which One You Choose

Online Dating….. LOL & WTF

Let me start by saying I have never had an issue being single.  I would prefer to be alone than to be with someone because I was afraid to be alone. I deplore people like that.  Also, I have taken over a year off of dating because I needed to reset after my last disaster. … Continue reading Online Dating….. LOL & WTF

Here We Go Into 2017, My Year of Yes and Not My Zoo!

So my year of yeas and not my Zoo has begun with a bang and a laugh. I am very curious to see exactly where this journey leads me.

The Millions of Conversations that Are Never Spoken…. You Know You’ve Done it to.

Funny thing is they are only conversations with ridiculous and ignorant people. Never the people who matter.

The Scaffolding of Perspective

Pretty much our entire lives, we can't always trust our eyes. Over time some of us are taught we can't trust our hearts. What if everything we know is all wrong, and yet all correct at the same time?