Seems like an easy enough question, but as we get older it becomes more difficult to answer without using our life roles for adjectives.  One of the reasons I am on this journey.  Let’s start with where I am from which can give a bit of color to my background. I am a born and raised Floridian living in the wonderful Northeast, hoping to go further north when able.  I grew up north of Miami and miss the flavors of the area.  I recommend Miami festivals to everyone.  I am a female single parent who sells cars for a living. And there are those pesky life rolls again!

Who am I? I am a person who believes in:

  • Logic (If I can explain it, then I can live with it)
  • Love
  • Expression
  • Benefit of the Doubt
  • Personal choice without prosecution
  • Magic of the simple
  • Helping those willing to be helped
  • THE Village
  • Everything is temporary
  • Looking at things from all angles
  • The journey has more value than the destination
  • Doesn’t matter the path you choose,as long as you get there
  • Laugh at yourself often, many are already laughing at you


My priority is my daughter and every choice I make is with her in mind.  Doesn’t mean I am in any way making all the right choice, but there is thought behind every choice.  I will only refer to myself as a single parent because I feel there are many more single father’s these days who are stepping up where the mother’s have chosen not to.  There is definitely a change in tide and we should give them all props as well. There are many resources for single mother’s, but not many for single father’s.

I am currently a heavy girl.  I used to be a fat girl at 137 due to a litany of excuses.  I am now down to 206.8 (the  fractions count damn it) working on getting back to 154 which I have not been since I was 10.  After having my daughter I have recently found my chemical make up has changed enough I can actually lose weight. I have always eaten fairly healthy, but have never been able to get the weight off.  So I purchased a JawBone up24, downloaded the app, got the Lose it! app, Waterlogged app, Pacifica app, and Achievemint app for added fun.  All the app link to Apple Health and I track all my stuff.  Please understand I have had the Lose it! app for a few months to track things.  I do kettle bells with women and weights twice a week (each once a week) at the YMCA and I walk the car lot in heels.  The water app is strictly because vaping dehydrates and I hate water.  It has been helping though.

Trying to be a non-smoker.  Same old story of grandparents and parents who smoke.  I purchased a vape and have only purchased 2 pack since the end of July.  I had a “crack in case of emergency” pack that I cracked in October from dealing with an ugly custody and support case.  I just purchased 2 packs.  One to replace the “emergency” pack, and one because I have been borrow single cigarettes here and there from friends and co-workers.  Decided that should stop.  As I type this I am finding that the 3 cigarettes I have had in the last 12hrs are making me a little ill.  Great sign!!!

Beyond what I have divulged….. ask me anything. I have no secrets.  If you have to hide something, it’s usually because you are making a bad choice.



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